Updated 06/28/2011

I ended up buying a 1953 GMC 930 2-axle semi tractor. It was originally a stright truck from the factory (no GCW on the serial plate) and has a 38,500 GVW with a 65,000 GCW according to the spec sheet. The rear-end was replaced with a 1996 Peterbilt air leaf suspension with a 3.73 gear ratio and spring-brakes. It has a non-turboed 208 HP Detroit 6-71 Scream'in Jimmy engine, Bendix Tu Flo 500 air compressor and a Fuller TO905A 5-speed OD main with a Dana 8341C 4-speed auxilary transmission. You guessed it...twin sticks!!!

The engine appears to be a 671, not a 671N, which means it has the earlier 2-valve exhaust head. According to the glovebox plate, the truck originally had a Spicer 753 5-speed OD main with a 8035G 3-speed auxilary transmission and a 7.21 Timken U200 rear axle. I'll bet this truck's orignal top speed was 50 MPH, if even that. The front axle is a Timken FE900, rated at 12,000 lbs.

Plans are to add a pogo-stick, sliding 5th wheel, pintle hook, install an exhaust stack and a top-loader rear-end with a lower gear ratio (like 4.88). This truck is a gutless wonder with a 3.73 rear gear set; 1st gear literally has no get up and go. I'm currently replacing most of the air and cooling system. The truck still has copper air lines which I've already replaced 80% of it with modern DOT approved plastic air lines. Pictures have been posted under the gallery section.