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Their is a huge amount of negative carma towards the cleaner claiming that it doesn't work for who knows what reason. Most of these individuals, I might add, have never owned nor used one and make invalid statements as if they where fact. This unit does NOT replace your original oil filter!

The Frantz is an oil cleaner (not an oil filter, like it says on the box and instructions: oil cleaner) and is suppose to be used in conjunction with your existing oil filter. The major reason people think it replaces your stock oil filter is because back in the day, some farmers use to replace their oil filter with a toilet paper roll. This was, by know means, a smart nor good thing to do. At this time period, most vehicles had an external oil bath type canister where a toilet paper roll could fit in place of an oil canister-type filter. The overall idea of the Frantz was to clean the oil, so that theoretically, only new oil would ever need be added to the system.

The FRANTZ OIL CLEANER is technically - scientifically - an effective refining unit that can be installed on any automobile, truck, bus, stationary or marine external combustion engine - gas, gasoline or diesel.

Illustration shows sectional view through a typical engine. The FRANTZ OIL CLEANER is always connected independently as a BY-PASS filter as indicated by the dotted lines. The FRANTZ OIL CLEANER in NO WAY effects the flow of oil to the bearings or other parts of the engine. Heavy lines show the general circulation of lubricating oil within the engine.

In a by-pass filter system a small portion of oil is diverted through the filter and returned to the oil pan.

In a full-flow system ALL of the oil must pass through the filter before it reaches the moving parts of the engine.

Step 1: Locate Oil Pressure Source...
See Oil Pressure Openings (1), (2), (3) illustrated on inside pages.

Step 2 DETERMINE PLACEMENT LOCATION of the Frantz Oil Cleaner. Check for hood clearance & easy accessibility for changing of tissue element.
Step 3 USE MOUNTING BRACKET AS TEMPLATE and mark 4 holes in the mounting location. Punch starting holes with scratch awl for 1/4" self-tapping metal screws.
Step 4 SECURE MOUNTING BRACKET with the 4 self-tapping metal screws as illustrated.
Step 5 INSTALL ELBOW FITTINGS in Frantz Oil Cleaner (use thread sealer on all fittings). Align fittings in general direction of pressure and return sources on engine.
Step 6 ATTACH Frantz Oil Cleaner to mounting bracket with 5/16" bolts provided. CONNECT PRESSURE and RETURN HOSES. (Use long enough hose to allow for engine movement.)
Check List
  1. IMPORTANT: Check to see PRESSURE HOSE is attached to IN and oil RETURN HOSE is attached to OUT as stamped on base of unit.
  2. Tie hoses well away from hot exhaust pipes.
  3. Secure hoses with hose fasteners to avoid rubbing against sharp objects.
  4. Test run engine until the Frantz Oil Cleaner becomes hot.
  5. Check all lines and fittings for leaks.
  6. CHECK OIL LEVEL in crankcase.
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