Installing Hubcap Clips On 8-Lug Rims

Article Author
Smokey Culver
Article Revision
Elapse Time
10 to 15 minutes per wheel
Required Tools
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Hole Punch
  • Hammer
  • Screw/Nut Driver
  • Ratchet (Optional)

Step 1 Determine where the clips should be mounted on the wheel by holding a couple in place with tape to get an idea where to mount them. Then, lower the hubcap over them to see if it will be a snug fit once they are installed.
Step 2 It might be necessary to flatten the clips out somewhat. Lay them on a flat surface & strike them with a hammer. Be careful, they can easily break. It's a good idea to have a few extras just in case.
Step 3 Once decided where you want to mount the clips, mark with a pencil. It would be wise not to paint the rim until this job is done, so you can see your marks prior to drilling any holes.
Step 4 Take a punch and punch the holes to be drilled. I recommend installing 2 clips at first, one on each side, just to see how the hubcap is going to fit. I chose to install a total of 4 per wheel, which works very well.
Step 5 When drilling your holes, make each hole a little smaller than the screw that you are going to use. The reason I mention this, is that if you overtighten the screw, you might break it off.
Step 6 Referring again to breaking the screws off, I highly recommend a nut driver or screw driver, as opposed to a ratchet or drill. As you can tell, I broke a couple off before I finally got smart!
Step 7 The hubcap should fit pretty tight once the clips are installed. Make sure that each clip goes to the inside and not the outside of the hubcap when you snap it on.
Step 8 Fortunately, each clip can be adjusted after installation. To adjust them, simply tap them with a hammer and/or tightening or loosening the screws as necessary, until you get a tight fit. Be careful with the hammer! The clips, as stated earlier, can break, so it's a good idea to have a few extras on hand.
Step 9 With a coat of paint and the addition of a chrome beauty ring, the hubcap looks pretty good, wouldn't you say? And I might add that if I can do it, anybody can install these clips! Good luck!!!